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Myanmar houses

Steven Mithen in The Singing Neanderthals, The Origin of Music, Langauge, Mind and Body and inother books of his: an interesting glimpse into the childhood of humanity


Kasia Jackowska: drawing delightfully lost in reverie


Constance Classen in The Deepest Sense: a history of much neglected touch


A. Roger Ekirch in At Day's Close, Night in Times Past: the change of sleeping patterns and what night was like in the Middle Ages


Louisiana Channel, Radiolab and Invisibilia: alsways something interesting to see and hear


Farhad Sobhani und Gerhard Schweizer: preparation for holidays


Anika Schwarzlose: intersting work on the topic of deception


Kamillo Nollas: Vovousa Festival – a destination for this summer


Laurent Chéhère: flying houses




  • blanket in use
  • wool for a blanket
  • baby mobile

These postcards are a result of a small competition launched by Case Studio Vogt for their contribution 'Republic of Common Ground' to the 13th International Architecture Biennale in Venice. The postcards were distributed amongst other articles from a kiosk in town.


Venice - the Unattainable

[...] However small though, Venice is elusive.

There is always a part one cannot reach.

Things remembered cannot be found again.

As in a fractal, infinity hides behind every point.

[...] Helplessly, we can only try to remember.

Helplessly, we can only send a postcard.


Example for text on cards:


I found a secret garden but no key.

Greetings from Venice ...


Brian Boyd in On the Origin of Stories: again about evolution, this time concerning art, religion and storytelling


Robert Pfaller in Wofür es sich zu leben lohnt: amongst other things just that: the reason why life is worth living


André Leroi-Gourhan in Gesture and Speech: a new angle on the evolution of mankind


Katherine Mansfield in Selected Stories: a story about a starfish


Annett Zinsmeister: very interesting insights into the question of identity using the examples of every-day products and prefabricated buildings


Riitta Päiväläinen: captivating photographs


Bill Bryson in At Home, A Short History of Private Life: entertaining explanation why the things around us are the way they are


but does it float: always good for an inspiration

how time flies

November 2012:

Autumn is over already.

But the planning commission has finally decided.

So let's have a party!


December 2012:

Probing brought to light that under its pretty surface the roof is in a very bad condition.

As soon as the snow has melted, reconstruction will start...


March 2013:

The scaffolding is still up, but soon the building works will be done and it will be time for a house warming.

from the train window
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